Francis and Me

I believe Spring is trying to fool me that it is summer. It’s humidly hot, sun blaring from the sky, and my skin is easily burning. Feels like summer.  I’ve been putting off the sewing, spending some catch up time in the sun. Lately I sit next to the pond with my sun hat on and my toes dipped in the water for the fishes to nibble at. Francis, the friendly pond frog, has recently been keeping me company while I sit at the pond.

Truthfully, it is too warm to be spent indoors and I’m waiting for some fabric arrive before a newer project can begin. So when it begins you shall be updated, but until then I will be sitting on my stone with Francis.


One Comment to “Francis and Me”

  1. Sounds like a good time to be outside sitting next to the pond ..

    You sure are a good photographer ..!

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