I went to my sister’s graduation last night. Of course it brought back so many memories, but it was even more interesting my reactions to it all.  The ceremony was full of predictable moments and my own moments of hiding from people I used to know.What bothered me most was the word “dream”. Follow your dreams. Don’t ever let go of your dreams. Let nothing get in the way of your dreams. Godspeed to the person who knows what their dreams are. I think I just realized the future I would like, and it is nothing like what I thought I would want at 18.

I had a dream, a real one- the kind you get when you are asleep- where I was very pregnant walking up a rocky drive-way with my toddler daughter. Big yard, long walk. We were meeting up with my future husband. It was a very sweet dream.

This week I’ve had to work 6 days out of seven. each day I scratch out that day I work, it makes it easier to think I only have 3 more days left. I’ve started a pair of shorts for summer, but haven’t been able to finish them.


One Comment to “Dreamish”

  1. Sounds like a sweet dream ..I wonder what your future husband looks like.

    your observations of change are fitting

    ~ fortune cookie salesman

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