My muse and hero, Jenna Woginrich, has so delicately and flawlessy described a life I want to live.

As a younger self, I thought I wanted the city life of an artist. Now as I get older, my perspective is changing. Land. Animals. Nature. Love. Community.  But to map the path to get there is a challenge in itself. I just was accepted to Ohio State’s Agricultural Technical Institute (ATI), My orientation is coming up in two weeks. Overall, how wise is it to spend over $20,000, on a life where I will not be able to pay that back? Tell me I can still have this life without the headache of loans! Tell me.

I suggested to my mother of not going to school this fall. Due to lack of jobs in the college area ( I was not lying), and to recent ideas of saving all my money. Freedom.

Maybe I will go to school, but I think I’ll do on a smaller scale. Maybe not even a technical “school”, just classes.

Anyone know where to go? I’m free.


One Comment to “Barnheart”

  1. when I was a child I wanted to be Jacques Cousteau. I believe barnheart is for real. I wouldn’t call it a condition tho. It comes from not doing what’s inside your heart, which probably describes most people you run into.

    ADHD is probably not a ‘condition’ doesn’t ‘fit’ a classroom or office. It just means you have a different calling. Try to break-up your studies or work into segments that last no longer than 15 to 30 minutes. Then distribute them throughout the day. It’s a fact that distributed-practice beats mass-practice any day of the week, inside or outside the classroom. You’ll see’ll shine

    I also think higher education is priceless and doesn’t lend itself to economic analysis. It takes you on a journey you could have never imagined.

    That was a lot of half-baked opinions for one fortune cookie.

    Cheers ..!

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