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October 26, 2010


I look at the people around me and wonder, if they feel the want I feel. A deep aching for something more. Are they content, where they sit and listen, or are they deep in their souls unfulfilled like I wish them to be. It’s more like a burning, what I feel. Need to move. Need to be there. Sometimes I wonder if I was on my medication if I would feel this way.

I need to make a plan- every day I will get closer to my dream. I called up a stranger who lives in a different state and owns a very successful farm (from what I can tell), didn’t get a hold of them, but none-the-less it was out of my comfort zone. Every couple of weeks I re-post my volunteer application for local farms in ohio. No one ever replies. I know it’s october and it is cold, but honestly, I like to plan. AND it’s volunteer work, doesn’t someone need to feed the animals in the cold? AND I’m offering to do it free. I just want the damn experience. I’ll do the dishes for goodness sakes, just give me a taste of your farm- FOR FREE.


Maybe the only way you swim is to jump in the deep end. All that water over your head can get kind of heavy though.