I look at the people around me and wonder, if they feel the want I feel. A deep aching for something more. Are they content, where they sit and listen, or are they deep in their souls unfulfilled like I wish them to be. It’s more like a burning, what I feel. Need to move. Need to be there. Sometimes I wonder if I was on my medication if I would feel this way.

I need to make a plan- every day I will get closer to my dream. I called up a stranger who lives in a different state and owns a very successful farm (from what I can tell), didn’t get a hold of them, but none-the-less it was out of my comfort zone. Every couple of weeks I re-post my volunteer application for local farms in ohio. No one ever replies. I know it’s october and it is cold, but honestly, I like to plan. AND it’s volunteer work, doesn’t someone need to feed the animals in the cold? AND I’m offering to do it free. I just want the damn experience. I’ll do the dishes for goodness sakes, just give me a taste of your farm- FOR FREE.


Maybe the only way you swim is to jump in the deep end. All that water over your head can get kind of heavy though.


One Comment to “O-HEY-O”

  1. Hey Cowgirl ~ ADD is NOT a problem, it’s an asset ..especially on a farm. F**k the medz .. you’re going in the right direction.

    You might want to consider farms in and around Humboldt County, California. That includes Trinity and Mendocino Counties. Marijuana is the number one cash crop ..so it’s virtually legal. In Humboldt, it’s the biggest player in the local economy. Hardware stores and farm suppliers depend on it ..as well as the local merchants. So, the police actually protect it. In November it will become completely legal, you can be sure. Since Humboldt produces, by far, the finest grade in the land, opportunities will be open.

    other possibilities to consider would be Green Gulch farm ~>

    and Esalen in Big Sur ~>

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