Good Things

It’s tough keeping up with a blog. After years of writing day to day, the past couple of years I find it harder to a.) have the motivation and b.) know what to say. Every day is changing.  In March, Joe and I will be leaving for a farm internship in NM. We are so excited, nervous, and antsy. We’ve started to make plans for things to see on the way down, as well as a packing list. Food to bring, clothes to bring, what is actually important and what is just want.  I haven’t told work yet. I plan on just giving the standard two week, I don’t want to give unnecessary cause for conflict. What a great adventure!

(Jemez Hot Springs- A place I’m dying to visit)

For the farm season, Joe and I plan on trying many new things. First, we are going to try to feed ourselves mainly locally, if that proves to be impossible, organic will be the supplementary choice.  Second, there will be no TV, although we will have one laptop to share. Third, no microwaving food. Tell me that’s not slow food! I want this to be a life changing experience, I want to slooooooow down. Enjoy to cook, or just be.  I can’t wait for the hard work and learning to begin.
We’ve been counting our blessings so far. My car needed some maintenance done, which I figured would be close to a grand in fees. Brakes, transmission fluid, oil change, tire rotation, and I had a loose belt that was squealing! Overall it was $131! I have a fantastic mechanic that always surprises me. He rotated my tires for free, told me my brakes were fine, just my tires were basically bald up front. Which makes sense, perhaps my worrying about brakes was just actually sliding on ice. I need new tires. Duh.
I also have a tax refund that is coming, unexpected, but none-the-less needed. We now have a good cushion in case something happens in NM (car, hospital, you never know).


So Cheers to the New Year and what may come!


One Comment to “Good Things”

  1. Great adventure indeed ..

    I’m so proud of you ..! What your doing is definitely a life worth living ..! “Slow food” (lol) when cooking ..cook ..without regard for what comes next or trying to get it done (that’s my trouble) and when you’re in Jemez springs ..soak!

    Bless you both ..and the best of everything for the farm season.

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