There’s dirt in my soul. I think I’ll keep it there.

I would love to tell you about how the past few days have been exciting. I would love to show you pictures. But honestly I can’t tell you these things. What  I can tell you is that, taking pictures in order to put them into a blog or a social network kind of takes away from the real life moments. Perhaps thats what all technology does, kind of takes away the life aspect of things.


The truth is, I think my subconscious is fully aware of the mental task that is planned to take course in a month.  I’m soaking in time. I search the internet often. I’m reading the New Organic Farmer (fantastic and chock full of information that tends to overwhelm at times). I’m finding blogs. I’m exercising somewhat often.


These are the things I am interested in lately:

– Canning: I remember as a young girl canning with my grandmother, fresh berries picked from the garden and the churches garden. After she taught me how to make jam (which I unfortunately don’t remember) we made zucchini bread, which was perfect with our homemade jam. I miss her so much.

– Genetically modified food: One of the scariest things I see our country investing in. Not only does it deplete our soil of nutrients, but it also has shown cases to weaken the plant. With poor growing conditions, food prices will not only go up due to fuel but because of the way we have treated our soil. My generation has never had to worry about food, but with Monsanto out there, we may have to.

-Bees: I would love to take a class on beekeeping. Even if I don’t plan on having them in the next year or two, the knowledge would be priceless. Plus those noble little creatures are so interesting.

– Birds: What to go better with Bees than Birds? Our small bird feeder has been the community hub for the Birds this season and I love it. It’s fun to watch and guess (because I know little of the types) what breed of bird it is, while my dog is in my lap window hunting.

– Homesteading: We all have the idea of perfect living. Mine is to live frugally, to live off the land ( I know the stereotype, don’t remind me), to live with love with the future family I may have. To live off the land frugally is a way to be creative, thoughtful, and slow. We forget how nice slow can be. Purposeful. Meditative. Dynamic.


If only someday I could have acres with my cottage. Bread would be rising in the kitchen, a fire in the woodstove, chickens and goats in the barn, barefoot and pregnant (hahah the last part was a semi-joke).


I’m getting there I hope. One day at a time. New Mexico in a month (and one day).


I’m in the field, dirt under my nails. The wind is blowing across my face, my legs are aching. Clouds blow over the sky and peace sweeps over.


3 Comments to “There’s dirt in my soul. I think I’ll keep it there.”

  1. Brilliant, Elise definitely separates ..and we forget how nice slow can be.

    I believe it’s the heart that choreographs what the subconscious rehearses.

    • “I believe it’s the heart that choreographs what the subconscious rehearses.”

      What a beautiful quote. I agree in that belief.

      • *wow* don’t think I’ve ever been quoted before. Thanks Elise. Here’s a lyric that comes to mind tho.

        “Into a dancer you have grown
        From a seed somebody else has thrown
        Now go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own”

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